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Bedloe’s Island

February 1, 2017

The progressive democrats and the main stream media are once again trying to revise history of this nation, this time they are trying to revise what the statue of Lady Liberty actually stands for. Below will be a history lesson to counter the lies the media and the progressive democrats are trying to revise.

The work started on the statue in 1870 where the french govt and the french people would fund the building of the statue while the United States at that time would fund and build the pedestal that Lady Liberty would be placed upon.

The french artist Bartholdi, had specifically chosen what everything on lady liberty was to represent. The crown and the seven spires or rays represented the sun, the seven seas, and the seven continents, to enlighten the world in addition to the torch.

The broken chains at the feet of lady liberty represents freedom and democracy, the tablet in her one arm and hand represent the book evoking the law and the year of the United States independence. The torch symbolizes freedom, hope and the future. The torch was meant to imply that at night, lady liberty’s light would guide those seeking freedom at night.

The poem that senator schummer and Nancy pelosi were repeating and it didnt help with the ignorance of chuck todd asking pelosi what the Statue of Liberty pin is for and its a total lie.

Emma Lazarus was a refugee advocate in the late 1800’s and was asked in 1883 to write a poem that would be auctioned off to raise funds for the pedestal to be built to hold lady liberty. The poem is in no way connected to the Statue of Liberty it was cast in bronze and sits in the main room of the pedestal foundation, by no means has it ever been part of Lady Liberty which was given as a gift from France as a gift to signify an alliance and friendship between the two countries. Her poem was cast in bronze in 1903 and placed in the main room of the pedestal, 17 years after the statue had been fully erected and dedicated.

On October 28th, 1886 lady liberty had been fully reassembled on the pedestal on bedloe’s island which was then renamed Liberty Island in 1956 and 1.1 miles separate liberty island and Ellis island.

Its a total sham what the progressive democrats are doing in trying to revise history and the true meaning of Lady Liberty.



November 14, 2006

During the 1973’s and the 1980’s it was about appeasement by the party in power which was the democrats that controlled congress where as they ran into President Reagan who turned their view of the world on its head by doing what was right for the United States and not for foreign countries.

The democrats are in the I HATE AMERICA crowd, they are against everything that makes america work. The one thing they hate the most is individual freedoms over federal government control of the masses.

Again hillary is going to try and shove federal maged care down our throats through backroom deals, this is how the democrats will run congress they will shut the republicans out of the process completely.

Its time for real americans who believe in freedom should vote the democrats out in ’08 because if not there will be no personal freedoms but slavery to the democrats who will run congress both legal and illegal means.


Amy Klobuchar, Will she Honor her Oath?

November 5, 2006

Amy Klobuchar – D, she is running for election to be a U.S. Senator from Minnesota, but which will show up to be sworn in to office? The liberal who is intent give Lip service to the Constitution and the destruction of the U.S. by Appeasement to any form or fashion of terrorists whether state sponsored or by rogue nation. The other one might be the Left wing politically controlled person who will vote in lock step even if it will be in total opposition to the people who elected her to office.

With Amy Klobuchar – D, during her tenure as Henn. County Attorney you can map where she paid special attention to and made sure that crime was well prosecuted to the full extent of the law where as in the counties most populous city and the seat for the county saw the biggest rise and spike in crime especially shooting’s and killings.

Regarding crimes committed with a gun and you lived in Minneapolis you were almost guaranteed a plea agreement that got you back out on the street with the least amount of time served.

The North side of Minneapolis at times is becoming a war zone with random killings, with blind blessings by the party that has been in power of the city for the past half century.

Amy Klobuchar – D, when she was elected to office she swore to prosecute all crimes but she was very selective of which parts of the county she would make sure had low crime rates, her policy was left, liberal, and against the current U.S. constitution and hate the military.

Amy has her sights set on leaving Iraq with the military’s tail tucked between their tail, she hopes for more attacks inside the U.S. and the death of U.S. citizen’s. In Minneapolis alone had a 35.5 percent increase alone where was ms. Klobuchar in prosecuting the criminals that had to do with higher crime rate.

Amy Klobuchar wants the U.S. to be more like Nation of France who has a history of surrendering every fifty years.

If you want our soldiers to die for nothing then elect Amy Klobuchar, she will cut military spending, she will seek to talk with those who desire to kill us, she will seek to raise taxes on the poor and the middle class.

Amy Klobuchar, seeks to let all illegals to enter the country!