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Net Neutrality The Fail

December 15, 2017

In 2015 the three FCC commissioners specifically selected by Obama stated that the Internet should be treated as a Utility, so the three sat down with the people from Google, FB, and Twitter and hammered out just how net neutrality would be applied and how it will work. Only problem was that it only affected companies that provided access to the internet such as verizon, comcast and AT&T as examples meaning they could not selectively slow down content. The Net Nuetrailty rules gave internet giant content providers the ability to decide what is considered free speech and what is deemed hate speech, the 2015 net nuetraility act was written with a huge influence by George Soros.

The past two years, I have seen content providers become the sole arbiters of what they deem is free speech and what is hate speech, my web blog was deemed hate speech because I freely give my opinions regardless who you are that will read my blogs, they are my opinions and nobody is forced to read them at all. FB enjoyed being the sole arbiter of free speech on their website, only problem was anyone who disagrees with FB’s political views is deemed a person with hate speech, their pages are blocked, suspended, and even canceled. YouTube is another content provider who extensively used net neutrality to block, defund and even cancel channels they deem not consistent with their political views, google is another content provider who did the same thing as FB, and YouTube.

The ruckus over ending net nuetrailty means that snowflakes and liberals can not silence those who disagree with their political views anymore, the way it was before 2015. What most liberals and snowflakes do not realize is that internet providers still slowed down you internet speed once you reached a certain level of data used, and it was perfectly legal to do so, because in the 2 year contracts people would agree to listed that the persons internet speed would be slowed down after using 10 gigs of data just as an example. Even telephone companies with non contract phones had the same detail as 2 year contracts. So in reality the only real thing about net nuetrailty was allowing left leaning corporations be the sole arbiters of what is deemed free speech and what they define as hate speech.

With the current FCC having three republican commissioners giving Obama’s net nuetrailty rules a total rebuke and handing oversight to the FTC, takes away the liberals and progressives the ability to control free speech. The internet has been around now for 28 years, prior to the net nuetrailty rules the internet ran perfectly without the governments heavy handed approach. When the internet took off in the 1990’s the Democratic Party wanted price controls over how much companies like AOL, compuserve, prodigy, and earthlink as examples could charge customers for internet access. My first year of having internet access my monthly charge was 70 a month for 100 hours of internet access each month. Today, I have a selection of tiers of internet speed and the prices reflect those speed levels. Either in January or February I will be getting gigabit internet access speed for 80 dollars a month, I am choosing the speed that best reflects my needs.

The internet has blossomed and exploded without any help or controls that the deomcratic Party feels is necessary, treating the internet as a utility gave the democrats the control over the internet they have so longed desired because it never discriminated who could access the internet, where as the democrats want to silience free speech unless you agree with their political views.

For 25 years the internet operated just fine without strict heavy handed government controls. For the past two years, the internet was under free speech attack if you disagreed with the content providers political views, such as disagreeing with abortion as just one example. Roe V Wade was a Supreme Court decision in the 1970’s but there was a demcocrat actually implying that without net neutrality a lady would not be able to look up where to get an abortion, surprise net nuetrailty boils down to who decides what is free speech and what they deem as hate speech.

Democrats and progressives literally hate the head FCC comissioner Ajit Pai, who with the other two FCC memebers wrote the rules repealing net nuetrailty and giving freedom back to the people who use the internet without fear of being labeled hate speech writer, homophobic, islamphobic as just a few examples. If you disagree with liberals, democrats and progressives, you are a unredeemable deplorable person.

Once again this blog is my opinion…….


The NFL DownFall

September 25, 2017

Rush Limbaugh was correct on the start of the downfall of the NFL was the concussion movie drama. Since Colin Kapernick self discovery of social injustices even though he lived a life of privilege and how he is doing his protest is at most an awkward protest.

Since Kapernicks protest began, he asked to to be released to test free agency, his skills are that of a 3rd string quarterback at best, he refuses to practice. Since then there have been other players on other teams joining the awkward protest, the latest is a letter sent to the NFL commissioner asking that November be designated to bring awareness to social injustices, only problem is that if the commissioner goes thru with it and agrees with the few players there will be a huge backlash from the fans.

After the backlash begins, there will be a slow trickle up stream first and then it will spread outward towards unintended places. Those unintended places will cause sports writers who follow the sports to be terminated due to the lack of fan interest in football, next will be the private sector jobs.

The NFL players do not realize the actions that they are taking today will cause colleges to drop football programs due to the fact that the NFL and the colleges are linked together. There are roughly 16,000 football scholarships across all levels of colleges from top down, after the NFL loses roughly 30% of the leagues value, there will be a consolidation of teams.

If the NFL players continue down this path, colleges will start cutting back on scholarships offered due to the lack of fan support, by 2025, the level 1 colleges will cut the scholarships in half, by 2030 there will be no football programs at the major colleges. The selfish current NFL players are destroying the very path they used to get a college education.

On average there are approximately 14,000 college students in college due to football schaolarships. Thanks to the few current NFL players, they are destroying a path for a college education for future football players in high schools.

The few current football players that are protesting and the Seahawks players who sent the letter to the NFL commissioner, are going to affect jobs and the college education system and all they care about is their selfish needs to be the center of attention.

The Protests and the November social injustice awareness campaign will do harm to the following:
1: The current team owners will lose value of what they paid for the teams by 2020

2: at least 1/3 of all the current sports writers and sports talking heads and tv programs will be cut.

3: the private sector will be hardest hit by 2020, restaurants, hotels, bars, it will continue down to even the taxis. Over all I’m predicting at least 30% will terminate employees.

4: colleges will loose donors, and sponsors in turn cut scholarships till they are no more by 2030. Colleges will restrict enrollment due to losing football programs. Professors will be cut as well, due to funding issues.

The NFL league this past weekend shot itself in the foot big time before December this year, there will be over a 40% decrease in viewership and game attendance. The league owners will start losing the value of the teams they own….