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August 10, 2011

What many people do not know is the real history of the problems we are having today and it was signed into law by jimmy (peanut farmer) carter in 1977 here’s the first link and on the right side is a map that the law was based out that is how the term red lining was created it was showing banks where the safe loans could be repaid and the red areas were showing much riskier areas.

Thus created the first banking crisis back in the late 1980’s the S&L’s debacle the community activists boycotted and attacked the S&L’s banks to charge them with red lining and deceit and deceptive loan process.  Because the S&L’s banks were receiving insurance money from the FDIC  that made the banks liable if they were ever sued in court.

Timeline of the Housing Crisis

These are the leading culprits who actually caused the subprime

mortgage collapse which then caused the current worldwide deep recession

1. Jimmy Carter pushed for and signed into law the
Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to
lower their standards so that previously unqualified
people could get a mortgage.

2. Bill Clinton then doubled-down on the Community Reinvestment
Act and greatly lowered mortgage standards to
allow a lot more unqualified borrowers to get loans.

3. Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, then intimidated
banks with threats of legal action if they
did not give loans to unqualified borrowers who
would not have the income to pay the loans back.

4. A member of the Clinton administration, Franklin Raines
was then put in charge of Fannie Mae by Bill Clinton. Fannie
Mae bought up a majority of the bad loans made by
banks to unqualified borrowers. Raines then falsified Fannie
Mae financial reports so he could collect bonuses
which totaled over $90 million for 5 years.

5. Senator Chris Dodd, head of the Senatorial Financial
Committee, suppressed efforts by President
George W. Bush and congressional Republicans to
rein in the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
He got a very favorable loan by a bank associated
with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He got large political
campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac.

6. Barney Frank, head of the House of Representatives
Banking Committee, also suppressed efforts by President
George W. Bush and Congressional Republicans to
investigate corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

7. Barack Obama, while he was an attorney, filed lawsuits
against banks on behalf of ACORN in order to
force banks to give loans to people who could not afford
to pay them back. Obama, while he was a U.S.
Senator, also suppressed efforts by President George
W. Bush and Republican Congressmen to investigate
and rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.



August 12, 2007

Mr. Oberstar continues to steal from the American taxpayers to enrich himself by taxing, do you see him or his Democratic party offering to cut their pay, or to actually do work other than find ways and senseless reason to gouge the american taxpayer. Mr. Oberstar’s immediate response to the bridge collapsing is to raise the gas tax, to fund the repairs of the roads and bridges but it would then be turned to other forms of transit and not for the roads or bridges.

Mr Oberstar looks like he is not suffering with his many years at the trough of the taxpayers back pocket. He will not consider cutting his own pay or cutting needless and senseless govt. spending instead he wishes along with the other democrats in his party to take away our rights and freedoms.

Isn’t it time for Mr. Oberstar to find a real job instead of living on the backs of the American taxpayer. He hasn’t had a real job in over 30 years, his main goal in life is to live in the life of luxury by taxing Americans so that he can live his life of comfort.

I would have given applause to him had he stated that until all roads and bridges in the United States were back up to safe standards, that he will propose a bill to cut all house members pay by 15 percent to help pay for the repair efforts, and that he will propose that the house cut their extravagant retirement benefits and take social security just like the average American taxpayer when they retire.

Mr. Oberstar’s real goal in congress is to remake the United States into a western form of Europe.

Mr. Oberstar please go out and get a real private job that doesn’t include living off the American taxpayer, its time you stop stealing the taxpayers monies and misspending it needlessly.

The conditions of the roadways and bridges can be laid squarely at feet of the Democrats in congress both the house and senate, for their failure to spend the taxpayers money the way it should be spent and not on earmarks and pork barrel spending. How many kickbacks is Mr. Oberstar receiving for all his time in congress. Mr. Oberstar please leave congress you do us all a disservice by staying in congress, you are a cancer on the American society please stop taking away our rights and freedoms.



February 24, 2007

Anzelc, Tom (DFL)
Atkins, Joe (DFL)
Benson, John (DFL)
Bigham, Karla (DFL)
Bly, David (DFL)
Brown, Robin (DFL)
Brynaert, Kathy (DFL)
Bunn, Julie (DFL)
Carlson, Lyndon (DFL)
Clark, Karen (DFL)
Davnie, Jim (DFL)
Dill, David (DFL)
Dittrich, Denise (DFL)
Dominguez, Augustine “Willie” (DFL)
Doty, Al (DFL)
Eken, Kent (DFL)
Faust, Tim (DFL)
Fritz, Patti (DFL)
Gardner, Paul (DFL)
Greiling, Mindy (DFL)
Hansen, Rick (DFL)
Hausman, Alice (DFL)
Haws, Larry (DFL)
Hilstrom, Debra (DFL)
Hilty, Bill (DFL)
Hornstein, Frank (DFL)
Hortman, Melissa (DFL)
Hosch, Larry (DFL)
Huntley, Thomas (DFL)
Jaros, Mike (DFL)
Johnson, Sheldon (DFL)
Juhnke, Al (DFL)
Kahn, Phyllis (DFL)
Kalin, Jeremy (DFL)
Kelliher, Margaret Anderson (DFL)
Knuth, Kate (DFL)
Koenen, Lyle (DFL)
Kranz, Scott (DFL)
Laine, Carolyn (DFL)
Lenczewski, Ann (DFL)
Lesch, John (DFL)
Liebling, Tina (DFL)
Lieder, Bernard (DFL)
Lillie, Leon (DFL)
Loeffler, Diane (DFL)
Madore, Shelley (DFL)
Mahoney, Tim (DFL)
Mariani, Carlos (DFL)
Marquart, Paul (DFL)
Masin, Sandra (DFL)
Moe, Frank (DFL)
Morgan, Will (DFL)
Morrow, Terry (DFL)
Mullery, Joe (DFL)
Murphy, Erin (DFL)
Murphy, Mary (DFL)
Nelson, Michael V. (DFL)
Norton, Kim (DFL)
Olin, Dave (DFL)
Otremba, Mary Ellen (DFL)
Paymar, Michael (DFL)
Pelowski Jr., Gene (DFL)
Peterson, Aaron (DFL)
Peterson, Sandra (DFL)
Poppe, Jeanne (DFL)
Rukavina, Tom (DFL)
Ruud, Maria (DFL)
Sailer, Brita (DFL)
Scalze, Bev (DFL)
Sertich, Anthony “Tony” (DFL)
Simon, Steve (DFL)
Slawik, Nora (DFL)
Slocum, Linda (DFL)
Solberg, Loren (DFL)
Swails, Marsha (DFL)
Thao, Cy (DFL)
Thissen, Paul (DFL)
Tillberry, Tom (DFL)
Tschumper, Ken (DFL)
Wagenius, Jean (DFL)
Walker, Neva (DFL)
Ward, John (DFL)
Welti, Andy (DFL)
Winkler, Ryan (DFL)
Wollschlager, Sandy (DFL)

    The above mentioned elected house members are full fledged members for the Sheriff of Nottingham Posse who’s sole existence is to steal from the taxpayers at any cost to line their pockets at taxpayer expense by doing backdoor pay raises called per diems they are of the Minnesota house who follow in the footsteps of the elite guard of the sheriff of nottingham aka the minnesota senate, please contact me, if you agree that we need to have a recall election of both the house and senate members.  I will be updating this and adding to this when i get all the names of the minnesota senators who voted for the backdoor pay raise



    December 5, 2006

    Get ready folks, because now we are going to hear how the basketball players in the NBA are being “unfairly punished” for their actions and reactions on the game floor during a game.

    The referees are just enforcing already stated policies of the NBA regarding how a player should act both on and off the court. It is time for the paying customers to boycott the NBA for the actions of the players, because the players have now taken for granted who pays their salaries and who basically provides them with a job.

    The players should accept the rules and abide by them. The NBA sets these rules for the games so that nothing gets out of hand and we don’t end up seeing brawls on the game floor – and in the stands. People pay to see a game. If they wanted to see brawls they, could pay to go see the WWE. If the players had any brains and the intelligence to use them, they would see that it is in their best interest to abide by the rules in the NBA because it will further their individual careers, but most players nowadays are self-centered, egotistical little boys.

    So, when will the basketball players do what they are paid to do (even if it is a bit over the top for some mediocre players to get all that money just so that we can just hear them run their mouths about how bad it is playing in the NBA with the new rules)?


    Amy Klobuchar, Will she Honor her Oath?

    November 5, 2006

    Amy Klobuchar – D, she is running for election to be a U.S. Senator from Minnesota, but which will show up to be sworn in to office? The liberal who is intent give Lip service to the Constitution and the destruction of the U.S. by Appeasement to any form or fashion of terrorists whether state sponsored or by rogue nation. The other one might be the Left wing politically controlled person who will vote in lock step even if it will be in total opposition to the people who elected her to office.

    With Amy Klobuchar – D, during her tenure as Henn. County Attorney you can map where she paid special attention to and made sure that crime was well prosecuted to the full extent of the law where as in the counties most populous city and the seat for the county saw the biggest rise and spike in crime especially shooting’s and killings.

    Regarding crimes committed with a gun and you lived in Minneapolis you were almost guaranteed a plea agreement that got you back out on the street with the least amount of time served.

    The North side of Minneapolis at times is becoming a war zone with random killings, with blind blessings by the party that has been in power of the city for the past half century.

    Amy Klobuchar – D, when she was elected to office she swore to prosecute all crimes but she was very selective of which parts of the county she would make sure had low crime rates, her policy was left, liberal, and against the current U.S. constitution and hate the military.

    Amy has her sights set on leaving Iraq with the military’s tail tucked between their tail, she hopes for more attacks inside the U.S. and the death of U.S. citizen’s. In Minneapolis alone had a 35.5 percent increase alone where was ms. Klobuchar in prosecuting the criminals that had to do with higher crime rate.

    Amy Klobuchar wants the U.S. to be more like Nation of France who has a history of surrendering every fifty years.

    If you want our soldiers to die for nothing then elect Amy Klobuchar, she will cut military spending, she will seek to talk with those who desire to kill us, she will seek to raise taxes on the poor and the middle class.

    Amy Klobuchar, seeks to let all illegals to enter the country!


    Al Gore’s Misrepresentation

    October 25, 2006

    Al Gore, left out convenient truths about the earths climate in his so called movie. Al Gore is acting more like a wayward angry child who is throwing a temper tantrum, not getting his way.

    In the 1930s and 1950s, the central United States experience two periods of extreme drought. The 1980s and 1990s had ten of the warmest years this century and possibly since the Little Climatic Optimum. Proxy and instrumental data indicate that 1998 was the warmest year globally in 1200 years of Earth history. In the following year, a La Nina developed and global temperatures dropped slightly.

    In the 1974 time magazine, printed on their cover that the earth was starting the begining of global cooling era, newsweek did the same in 1975 the following year.

    This link is part of the argument

    In the 1980s, we were surprised by the first long ice cores from both Greenland and the Antarctic, which gave us 400,000 years of the Earth’s detailed temperature history in their ice layers. We had expected to find the big Ice Ages and the warm interglacial periods like our own. We had not expected to find a moderate, natural 1500-year cycle running through it all, even through the big Ice Ages.

    The natural warmings raise Earth’s temperatures 1 to 2 degrees C at the latitude of New York for 400-800 years. The coolings that follow drop our temperatures 1-2 degrees below the mean for a similar length of time.

    Since then, scientists have found the 1500-year cycle in tree rings, cave stalagmites and the microfossils of seabed sediments. Prehistoric villages moved up and down the Alps and Andes mountainsides while glaciers worldwide advanced and retreated, all in time with the cycle.

    Here is the question will people like Al Gore walk the talk or will he speak out both sides of his mouth?

    Will Al Gore give up his vehicles, and his many houses, will set the example for others to follow or is he another two faced environmentalist.

    I challenge Mr. Gore to walk the talk !!


    A wanna be hero Falls

    October 14, 2006

    Do sport contracts ruin the person/player?

    owens_thumbnail.jpgTerrell Owens is great at being an ordinary human, but fails when it comes to being a sport superstar. He showed his true side once again acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

    The tantrum in question took place when he refused to take directions from the team’s wide reciever-coach, all because Mr. owens [lack of capitalization intentional] felt that he wasn’t getting the ball enough during the game. If Mr. owens would like to achieve fame on the field, he needs to remember that his antics off the field are as closely followed as those on the field – he is the image of the Dallas Cowboys.

    I remember when players played for the love of the game. Has the NFL come down to the level of indiscriminate juveniles who have no concept of honoring a contract, let alone their word when given?

    Mr. owens reminds me of randy moss [again, lack of capitalization intentional], has the same behaviour as mr. owens when it comes to preparing and playing the game, another failed athlete who was just average as a human being. When you play on a professional team, you play for the team as a whole – not for yourself an individual. It is time for players who achieve the status of superstar in a team sport learn that. Today, most act like spoiled brats getting undue credit as adults.

    The quickest way to eliminate all these rich contracts is to give 45% ownership of the team to the players. The rookies could buy their shares from players who own a share but did not make the cut.