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July 14, 2020

This past 4 days have been a heartbreaker to the max, I have what is called a eidetic memory or a photographic memory, it’s more of a curse than a good thing. I remember nearly everything since I was 4, I remember my best friend drinking what we thought was water, but it turned out to be gasoline, she died from ingesting the gas, at the age of 6, i still miss her to this day, our parents called us the devil twins, if one was in trouble the other was right there as well. I remember we didn’t want to go anywhere, so we grabbed our parents keys, and tossed them into one car, and locked all the doors. We got our asses whipped but good, took the parents 15 minutes to get the damn car unlocked.

I had called my youngest daughter to wish her a belated happy birthday and about how proud I was of her.  She replied with how angry she was ever since the night she saw me in the back yard holding a knife trying to break in, I explained to her that it couldn’t be me, since I can account for every minute in the day from the daily diary that I was keeping at that time. She then started yelling at me, I explained to her that what she remembers is a fake memory because it never happened, I told her that until she realized that, I couldn’t be in contact with her ever again. She then sent 30 short text msgs going off on me some more, I had to block her number so that the texting would stop.

Was talking to my oldest daughter yesterday evening, she made the same ascertains, but included physical abuse. I explained to her that my work schedule and my mode of traveling made what they implied I was doing literally impossible. My work day 7 days a week was leave work at 2am to get to work by 5am covering 48 miles one way, by way of a bicycle, during the winter, I was offered the use of the company vehicle as long as I picked up fellow employees along the way, during the winter, & early spring.

The reason I could never do what they implied, had to do with my years from 1970 to 1973, while my dad fought for his life in the hospital after being electrocuted on the job site. All 6 kids were shuttled among my moms family, at one point we were all living separately with family relative. The worst was an aunt, she would beat us with a broom handle, even my youngest sister who was only 2. My older brother has no hearing in one ear because of the abuse. My youngest sister was raped at the age of 16, by an insane person, he covered her in his blood by letting a metal fan chop off three of his fingers….

did I punIsh my daughters, yes, 3 swats on the ass to get their attention, but when they were able to talk without tantrums, the swats ended. I did punish her oldest sister for putting a cat into a linen closet for the entire day, the cat ruined the sheets, and towels, I spanked her 3 times explaining to her why its animal abuse, she just laughed about it.

Grabbing hair, slapping in the face is an automatic no go in my books, been that way since I saw what happened to my younger sister, & dealing with a sadistic aunt, she has a seat in hell waiting for her. In both my marriages, I walked away, no physical abuse ever. As it is every night I go to sleep, depending on what the trigger is, when I sleep, its another dream about something at a stage in my life, most times I dread going to sleep. I never know what part of my life will get the big production in my dreams.

First ex wife, I only know where she works because my oldest daughter works with her at the same hospital.

2nd ex wife, I have no knowledge of where she works, where she lives, or what she does, I’m 100% happy not knowing, she is all drama.

Family is important to me, but my sanity is more important, I would rather block a person from my life, than to allow them to disrupt my life.

I have been an advocate against violence against women, children, and even pets ever since I was 14. To do any of what my daughters imply is impossible for me to do so.

It saddens me that I have to block my daughters, but their fake memories scare me like no other. Last night was rough, I had to relive the 2 weeks that my youngest daughter was raped. I saw it repeat itself at least 4 times. I am a very private person, i enjoy my solitude to the point of not having family members close by. Nearest family member is 700 miles away.

I find old cellphones make them operational & bring them to the center against violence, they keep on offering my money, but I say no, I just want to make sure they at least hav an emergency phone for safety.

I hope that my daughters come to realize that I haven’t done any of what they are implying it just goes against everything that I have lived my life. Have I made mistakes, yes I have but none that involved any kind of abuse or even trying to break into a house. From July 1992 to 2019, I had a Class B CDL with all the endorsements, in Minnesota as a school bus driver, having any kind of weapon was highly frowned upon, as well as losing the job was possible.

Well, this all for today at this time, I will be updating as time goes by….


The Democrats & The Elites Hypocrisies

June 25, 2018

The democrats and their elitist friends in hollywood are hypocrites when it comes to the separation of illegals, and their children when they cross into America illegally.

Where is the outcry when Americans are arrested and separated from their children who are then put into the foster care system. You will just hear crickets because democrats and the elitist won’t be protesting.

In 2013 there was 2.7 million legal American children in the foster care system nation wide due to single parent or both parents serving time. You will not see the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters protesting the separating of American children from their parents after they are arrested. You won’t see any movie stars having hunger strikes at all.

Everyday there are adults arrested that have children and are separated in all 50 states, but we hear no outcry from any democrat or Hollywood elite protesting at all. They would rather protest for illegals it shows the rest of America where their priorities are at. Once again democrats feel that illegals have more rights under our Constitution that actual American citizens.

Democrats and the elites get upset when you point out that Bill Clinton signed the bill into Law to deter parents in South American countries from sending their children alone to cross into America illegally.

Where is the outrage of American adults being separated from their kids when they are arrested?