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Maria and Love

May 13, 2015


I met an extremely beautiful lady her first name is the name of this blog, she is truly an outstanding lady

she is truly what God said is all woman, she has talent and skills that far surpass any other lady I have ever

met.  Her real talents lay with her family, her two daughters who are the light of her life and then her new son

has become the heart of her life.  Her love of family comes from her family structure, her heritage which strongly

influences her decisions to make sure that she is the primary person in raising her kids.

For 2 years we had made plans for her to move to where I live and we would raise her kids as in they were ours

We were so compatible, I had captured her mind and body by being who I am and was willing to provide for her

long term and in the event I was to die prematurely she would be taken care of and provided for.  We felt as if we

had known each other for years, it felt so real but scary at the same time because we always knew what the other was

thinking.  I had my two tablets stolen and was unable to contact Maria for about 4 months, until I had purchased new tablets.

When I had finally purchased a new tablet and installed the app we have been using to contact each other.  I had even been

willing to adopt the baby boy as my own and she was happy for that.

I had told her that I would not force her to choose either me or her family, I had told her that family was more important and

that I would never step in between her and her family because family is very important in my life, both my daughters had

given their blessing for us to be happy.  Our meeting had been happenstance, she was looking for and seeking advice and

our relationship had blossomed from their we had both decided to take it slow it was not until almost a year had past we

both admitted that we loved each other, from that day forward I was walking on air, knowing that Maria was in love with me.

Maria taught me how to love again, I saw her real beauty thru her eyes, she showed what that even the grayest of days, had

beauty all you had to do was look and it was there.

We talked today and I was hoping that the end result was that she and the kids would be relocating to live with me here in

my house and raise the family where I live.

But her desire to be with her family was powerful and I am not going to make her keep her word to marry me because that

would cause nothing but trouble, I had gone online and looked at about 100 jobs in her area and i was willing to relocate to

be with her so that she could stay and be near family, but after 80 job interviews and few job call backs and no job offers I

knew that that was not in the cards.  one job would have had me traveling up and down the east coast traveling 5 weeks at a

time and 3 weeks home.  I was hoping to surprise her today saying that I was moving to her and that I had a job that paid

nearly as much as I was getting where I currently live.

I have nothing but deep love for her and I will always love her because she taught me what true love is after not knowing

what it is suppose to be like after 15 years.  For that I will be forever grateful for her.

To Maria you will always be my true love………..