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I had to let go

June 11, 2017

In my past, I had met an extremely wonderful lady, her first name is Maria, we had until recently had a what I call a fantastic relationship that developed totally in an innocent way, for that I will always be grateful.

I had been married twice and I was a walking wounded, when I first met her we became friends and kept in contact by email as friends. I had explained to her that my 2nd marriage had made me gun shy even of dating. My 2nd ex wife is a total piece of work, she is great at playing the constant victim card when it is she who creates victims by her actions. I practically bent myself into a pretzel trying to save the marriage but in the end it was all just a show on her part, her words were the marriage was a means to get the end result.

Maria is my true life love that I discovered by accident, we had our ups and downs but we worked them out and the relationship was built on a solid foundation of love and trust.

Last year something had happened and she disappeared and I waited patiently for her, when she did respond she had asked that we take a break from each other, I was leery but I told her anything for her. Eventually the contact had become sporadic on her part, so I am giving her, from indications that she wants her freedom to do as she wants, so I am giving her that freedom.

I have no idea as to what she is doing, at all but I do and will always love her for she was the only woman to repair my heart and heal it with her unconditional love on her part.

Maria, you have my heart may I have it back so that I can move on because even though we love each other for the right reasons but something is holding you back now, and I would rather you be happy pursuing the dreams you have, even though I am no longer part of those dreams.

You have your freedom now Maria……