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Ideals 2

September 29, 2006

alcohol_bottlesw300h196.jpg not allowed I have been laying in bed since my neck surgery and I am appalled that a person coming back to Minnesota has to face the taxi cab tribunal, if they are carrying any type of alcohol on them wether they have had it to drink or in their suitcase.

Certain taxi cab drivers will not take you as their fare, they call it religious freedom but when does the employee set the rules for the employer as to whom they carry as a fare. If the drivers have a problem then start up their own company that states no alcohol allowed of any kind right on the sides of the vehicles.

Religious freedoms means that you should be tolerant of anyones belifiefs and not enforce yours when you are working for the public. Let the Minneapolis airport commission list the taxi cab company’s that employ the no alcohol drivers and those that have been ticketed several times or more for excessive speeding.

Coming back from a vacation you should not have to spend an hour just getting a taxi cab but that is what it will be in the near future courtsey of the religious chiefs that are now dictating whom they will carry as fares from the airport. The taxis drivers serve the public if they do not like what the public is doing then they need to find a different job.

Is not what the taxi drivers are now doing the one thing they are upset about and that is profiling, they can not have it boths ways, our society is based on freedoms not imposing one values on the rest of society.



September 26, 2006

Today, as I read further about the comments of what the Pope said in his speech in Germany, the muslim world demanded a retraction about his comments.

What I find disturbing is nobody can say anything about Islam at all or it is considered an attack on their religion, the believers of the faith then go on a rampage and attack or vow suicide bombers to avenge the insult.

What religion would demand suicide or murder based on a speech or let alone comments that are the truth about the religion based on the religious teachings.

A religion that urges attacks on the innocent (women, children, the old and the infirm) should not get to have the feeling of being attacked but should prove itself to the world that the comments are not true.

Muslims in different countries instead went of rampages to avenge the alleged slight against Islam, in Palenstine they attacked 5 churches because of the speech, the believers of Islam can condem and attack those who do not believe in their faith that is not what I would call a religion but more on the border of an cult following of a solitary human being and they putting him on par with GOD.


Life does not have a speed limit

September 16, 2006

Life should come with a safety airbag or a life preserver. No matter how safely you try and live your life, there are sharp turns and speed bumps that you miss spotting in time and your life is thrown a curve.

Mine is having to look towards having spinal cervix surgery to remove 2 discs. My ongoing tribulation is with my youngest daughter who finally has achieved a milestone in her life by finishing all the tests for the G.E.D. Today in the mail, they sent her diploma. I wish that she was here so that we could celebrate her getting this milestone in her life.

I will take these speed bumps anytime over anything that deals with a hopsital. I am very proud of her in getting the G.E.D. — with her having experienced a lot of setbacks and disappointments in the past 4 years. My daughter has been nothing short of a remarkable young lady who has overcome adversity in many forms, and she has made the first step in her life toward the career she wants.