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December 19, 2006

We now have Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega, deciding that illegal immigration is a moral issue and that we should embrace those that break the laws in our country. We need elected officials to do their job and that is to uphold the laws of our country. Illegal immigration is just that illegal, and we need to have elected officials do what they were elected to do.

In the Pioneer Press paper we have a local elected official deciding that the federal immigration policy is a failure but yet the very idea that what he may say contributes to the massive illegal immigrant problem in Minnesot. It is politicians like the county commissioner that makes the problem bigger by implying if your here the Federal govt. will give blanket amnesty to those that are here illegally in the United States.

Illegal immigration is not a moral issue at all it is just enforcing the laws in the Untied states and I challenge those that are elected in Minnesota both locally and at the State level to help enforce those laws.

If you are here illegally in the United States our laws do apply to you at all, with the exception of getting a safe flight back to your country of origin. There are those who believe in the Minuteman Project is about protecting our Countries Borders and then there are those that believe that it is based on racism, what is truly about is stopping illegal immigrants from entering our country illegally.

Legal Immigrants are opposed as well to the illegal immigrants that are here in the United States, Immigrants need to Adopt our customs and to be a part of our country but we have those that believe in separation of people and almost like a Caste System.

Mr. Commissioner isn’t it time that you uphold your Oath to uphold our Countries laws of both the United States and Minnesota Respectively



December 18, 2006

This is the time of year I both look forward to and dread at the same time because of my divorce from my ex and how the holidays were dealt with regarding both my daughters. It’s hard to plan anything if one parent resents the others parent time with their kids, the one will usually try and find ways to disrupt any plans that the other may have.

I have always tried to make plans that were simple but fun to do with them even if the ex did try and ruin the plans most of the time. I always tried to do the easy things from taking time to bake Christmas tree breads, to watching Christmas movies from the funny ones to the real corny ones.

My daughters would always ask me what did I want for Christmas and my response was the same every year and it still holds true today, to have them visit me whenever they were able to. They both would get upset with me for not wanting any types of gifts.  Gift cards they fit me to a T, i was able to use them to buy myself something simple but still buy them presents as well.

I see Christmas as a time that I can give to those that have helped me thru out the year by being them family or friends my needs are not important this time of year because of both family and friends help me out doing things for me the rest of year.

Christmas is a time to be of giving of ones self without letting anyone know who you are by helping those that may need the help, my daughters helped me understand what christmas is truly about even it was at its hardest with their mom trying her hardest not to allow them to see me no matter what the courts said.